Today's Mental Health
Professionals Expect Social
Networking Tools

Created by practicing mental health professionals, PsychGiant is a system designed for the unique
needs of our discipline. If you are a psychologist, counselor or social worker we invite you to sign up
and begin exploring a network created specifically for you.

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A service as unique
as your practice

In this competitive market, cookie-cutter design and content just won’t… cut it. PsychGiant profiles are elegant, attention grabbing, and informative. Once verified, you can make your profile visible to other professionals and potential patients in no time.


No problem.

With our services, you can be as involved as much or as little as you like. From beginners looking to build a web presence to savvy professionals needing guidance on app creation- we’ve got you covered.


Islands are

As a mental health professional, it is not wise to operate as an island. In fact, you are ethically mandated to consult with other professionals.

PsychGiant provides a beautiful environment to ask questions, get answers, upvote answers, and gain rewards.


In the age of social media, your professional identity and personal brand are exceedingly important. Unfortunately, it is easy to get lost in the chaos of public social networks. PsychGiant is different.

With PsychGiant, you can easily format your profile to communicate your background and message with precision, never getting lost in the chaos again.


Other fields have vibrant and active social networks that allow for sharing resources in a cost effective and timely manner. Meanwhile, mental health professionals have been relegated to listservs and insecure email to communicate. No more. With PsychGiant you can connect with others to gain knowledge, find a job, collaborate on research, and share resources…all from one secure location.

Everyone on the network is a verified mental health professional, sharing resources and knowledge just makes sense.

Questions &

Not only is it important to reach out to other professionals… It is ethically mandated. With PsychGiant, you can ask questions on topics where you need growth and help the community by answering questions in areas of specific expertise. From clinical questions to professional identity issues, PsychGiant allows you to engage in a conversation with other qualified professionals. With this level of shared knowledge, we all can Practice, Better.


When we speak to organizations and associations, they all want to know the best way to get their members more "connected". Many understand that building a tool specific for their organization is cost-prohibitive but encouraging members to connect through public networks feels impersonal and unprofessional. PsychGiant is different. We offer a secure environment of only mental health professionals. Additionally, we offer significant discounts to organization/association members. So, give your members a professional environment to consult while building your brand - all at a fraction of the cost.


As psychologists we grew increasingly frustrated with the inability to find answers or resources quickly. The minutes between patients and meetings left very little time to search for the tools we needed. Having worked on other products, we felt equipped to bring such a revolutionary idea to the market. Jason Anderson and Buddy Scearce are the psychologists.

The other guy is Brad Quandt. He brings years of experience with software to the table. Together we have created a truly unique product for a field desperately in need of 21st century resources.